Free Professional Development Conference
October 2018

Hosted By

The Signatory Contractors Associations
And The Pennsylvania State Building & Construction Trades Council

The Signatory Contractors
Pennsylvania "BUILD" Conference

Building • Construction • Infrastructure • Law and Design

Tuesday October, 2nd: 5pm Legislative Cocktail
Wednesday October, 3rd: 7am Reception Opening Breakfast
Hilton Downtown Harrisburg

Hosted by the Signatory Contractors Association and The Pennsylvania State Building & Construction Trades Council

AGI, AGMA, AMPD, ASSE, beMarketing, Bricklayers, Builders Guild of Western PA, Design Build, DVIPA, FTI, General Building Contractors Association, MCA, Med-Tex Services, Mid Atlantic Construction Safety Council, NECA, PACA, Steel Erectors, Steel Painters, and Keystone Contractors Association, just to name a few.

The conference will offer a unique look at the projected construction activity in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the challenges and opportunities for signatory contractors, trades, and project owners.

This conference will feature distinguished speakers and workshops conducted by industry experts from sectors including infrastructure, power, city planning and development, engineering and design, transportation, insurance, risk management, safety, marketing, education, and healthcare.