Setting up the development environment

Cross-platform development is the practice of building software that is compatible with more than one type of hardware platform. A cross-platform application can run on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS, or just two of them. A good example of a cross-platform application is a web browser or Adobe Flash that performs the same, irrespective of the computer or mobile device you run it on.

react native app development process

A React Native app has very unique and distinctive features that allow for the code to be written and ported to mobile or web. React Native, in simple terms, help you develop full-blown applications that run and look exactly like native without even a single line of platform-specific code. With native apps, as they are developed and optimized keeping a specific platform in mind, their performance is also better. React Native is a rich framework filled with APIs, toolkits, and reusable code to make the process of app development faster.

Files associated with a particular Component should reside in a single folder

The developed applications are flawless without specific issues throughout the life span. ReactJS is regarded as an advanced technology framework that usually requires technical expertise and skills whether it is about the creation of the custom applications with it. If you need to quickly build a functional cross-platform mobile app and don’t have a lot of resources to develop separate native apps, React Native will be perfect for your needs. If you would like to learn more about this technology, our developers’ experience, or completed mobile app projects, feel free to contact us. React Native’s architecture is well suited to the performance of mobile devices. Unlike native platforms, React Native uses a graphics processing unit instead of a CPU.

Are you interested in developing your app, but still don’t know how to estimate the cost and how to start? 💡 Get the free e-book “How will product workshops help your project become profitable?”. 💻 OTA updates – React Native provides support for an OTA feature that allows applications to make updates without asking users to download them manually.

Why use React Native for mobile app development?

In equipping a networking feature in a digital marketplace, our role was to enable exchange of used industrial apparatuses. As we mentioned, there are no real industry-specific obstacles in terms of using React Native, it all comes down to establishing your app’s key features and competitive advantage. Tesla does not disclose much information about why they chose React Native. The app serves as an assistant and companion for all Tesla vehicles.

react native app development process

Learn more about adding native code to projects created with create-expo-app. Expo is a great choice when you are working on simpler projects and need to develop an app quickly. For using third-party native modules and libraries you need additional development steps. It’s about 30% faster to build a React Native app supporting iOS and Android than to develop native applications separately. Hire the best team for your mobile app development project to increase your company’s mobile presence. You have the option to either hire personal resources or a whole team.

Dedicated Developer Teams

They also found it easy to bridge their existing native libraries to React Native. This positive experience convinced SoundCloud to use the framework for its upcoming app. Xamarin – developed by Microsoft, this free and open-source solution allows 75-90% of the code to be shared between different systems. It’s written in C#, which requires developers to know the language – although it’s more stable, it’s also harder to pick up than JavaScript. Interestingly, Microsoft has itself made a turn towards RN in recent years.

react native app development process

Now professional web app development company can build react native mobile apps all with the ease of a JavaScript library that they already know. A key feature is that it lets you build applications for different platforms with the same codebase. What’s more, is that React Native is open source, meaning you can enjoy support from other developers and the wider community. React Native is a mobile application development framework created by Facebook in 2015. React Native apps are written in JavaScript and use React components for user interface development.

How does React Native Work?

This kind of enormous leap is made possible by the advancing technology for the development of mobile apps, and React is one of the tools in this specific category. Many major companies like Facebook, Airbnb, and Instagram use React Native for developing their mobile apps. Its popularity is also shown by a large and active developer community, and constantly growing numbers of packages and libraries available.

Indeed, you can come across information that React Native can build native apps. This is partially true, however, there is still a difference between native iOS and Android apps and the apps developed with this popular framework. Overall, React Native’s simplicity react native mobile app development company makes it an excellent choice for businesses looking to build high-quality mobile apps quickly and efficiently. Its streamlined development process can help businesses reduce costs while delivering better user experiences, driving engagement and revenue.

Possible concerns with React Mobile Development

Our team of experts specializes in offering advanced React Native app development services that create compatible, cross-platform and custom configurable apps. Get access to dream developers, engineers and architects from Flexiple, handpicked through a 5-hour evaluation process. Our React Native app development services offer you a complete custom solution for all your needs. When building your cross-platform app, choose a partner who will be able to estimate all the risks and potential opportunities for your app in the given technology. With React Native, it is good if your partner has some experience in building native apps as well.

  • Another essential tip to follow for app development is to start with an MVP-minimum viable product.
  • With npx react-native , the current stable version of the CLI will be downloaded and executed at the time the command is run.
  • Get access to dream developers, engineers and architects from Flexiple, handpicked through a 5-hour evaluation process.
  • React Native is a mobile application development framework created by Facebook in 2015.
  • It doesn’t just “work”; it also compiles Swift and native Java code.
  • Unfortunately, apps built with PhoneGap might suffer from poorer user experience, as web technology was created for, well, the web, not mobile apps.